I’d appreciate it if you’d stop making that face. I know what you’re going to say, and let’s face it, you can remind me of every single blog I’ve had, from (and this is a struggle) livejournal to whatever I seem to think I’m doing on tumblr and it probably won’t stop this site from being started -- full of hope and light. That is, before being reduced to updated yearly with my most popular entry. Don't be coy, you know the one:

“Hey guys, been awhile since I posted here, am I right? Well, that was about all I had to say. I was just, you know, making sure my domain hadn’t expired since I last checked. I haven’t even opened this page in three months. Later.”

So, why am I doing this again? Tossing yet another useless blog about, (quite honestly), nothing into the wilds of the internet?

There are a few reasons, none of them particularly convincing, but reasons nonetheless.

First off, I have always had a blog, and I enjoy blogging, to not have a blog would be weird.Yes, my reason is basically 'because I want to'.

Second, my old blog needed to be archived, because it reads cumbersomely. So it should, I started it as a teenage wasteland. The domain name itself I at this point read with a slight inward groan. A clean slate from hardcore angst was required. My goal with this blog being to do both what I want, and it semi-readable. This entry excluded. I guess. Sentence fragment there, notwithstanding. And another. This is getting recursive, so let’s move on.

If you know me, and presumably if you are reading this first entry, you do know me; you are probably at least a little concerned that if I live up to my domain name’s promise that it will be less than an hour before I explode from pent up cursing. It’s false advertising, all of it, no expletives will be deleted here, in fact, I may invent new expletives if only to not delete them. The name sounded cool, and I am a slave to sounding cool. So, uh, fuck you.

I’m going to try some different patterns and blog hats on in the process of deciding why I made another blog. So this may turn into a philosophy project, or a tech project, a book reviews project or a ‘I just write the same entry about not posting fifty thousand times’ project. I’m unsure of my direction. I’ll probably fall into my old habits of a ‘hodge podge of everything I have ever thought of’ project.

I’m going to try and start proofreading and editing these suckers though, so you can look forward to 10% fewer typos. After all, I’m not exactly a coherency sorcerer.

There, I wrote a full introductory blog post, who’s handing out the gold stars in this joint?