Well, I haven't written a new blog post in a very long time now. It's still on that huge list of things that I should definitely do for sure right now. In order to distract myself from that nagging feeling that I never successfully build good habits and constantly successfully build bad ones I moved all the posts to a new CMS called Ghost.

So far I'm liking this platform a lot. It looks really nice, and focuses narrowly on blogging instead of all the other things that Wordpress does. For projects like this one which serves only to be an (abysmally failing) regular blog it really does what needs to be done. It has, however, eaten all my footnotes so those will hopefully be coming back soon. Ghost also marks my move from shared hosting to a Digital Ocean droplet. I'm putting some other fun things on DO so I'll have lots to talk about in the coming months.

As usual, I'm back to figuring out this blog's purpose. Without access to all the scientific papers I had when I was in university (by the way, I graduated, surprise!) I'm not sure where this blog is going. Maybe some sort of science, tech, whatever hybrid. I have too much internet space and not enough ideas to fill it all sometimes. A masters is still on the table for the next few years but I'm much more keen to start my own adventures, we'll see which way the wind takes me. I'm hoping to start producing a blog post weekly again, though maybe not all formal-ish, sci-tech fleeting idea-lings.

Just felt the need to write a much delayed post about the move and the new platform. We'll figure out just what kind of information goes here and fill out the blog as appropriate.