My brain is not feeling creative enough to blog this week, so I'll write something short and pithy and really develop the one I wanted to write for tonight to be released in two weeks time, it's about revising requirements to develop strong AI, so you'll want to stop by when I get around to that. Exam burnout and the endless party of being a student primarily to blame for the fact that I have no good ideas tonight. But I do want to write a post, and ensure I keep this habit, but I feel like I have TV static in my brain. I'm told you should never write about writer's block, but I guess it's too late for that.

I've been reading the developer documents for Android the past few days and building some small applications, I don't have much in the way of deliverables right now because I'm just experimenting, but I'd like to say that despite the fairly beefy processor I have running the Android emulator takes a hell of a long time. Where it boots the emulator, but takes forever to get into the Android OS. I suspect if I was building something more seriously I'd already be looking into a work around. I'd rather not develop directly on my phone since if I accidentally brick it I'm pretty screwed. I have a few ideas for applications though, so maybe I'll be able to report more as details come up.

Probably am not going to social-media-ify this post, but now if anyone asks I have been posting regularly. I may put something supplemental to this up next week with more notes on using the Android SDK, but for now I'm going to save all my brain energy for my next post. Sorry!