It was probably starting to look like I had quit this blogging game, I think we're looking like over a month since my last post. It's just last semester had been the work equivalent of being beaten very soundly by attack sparrows. Nothing particularly heavy has come along but there was enough, and it was consistent enough to turn my brain into divisive goo rather than a writer of pseudo-philosophical blog posts. I was near tears over a poorly placed bracket in a perl script if that makes things clearer. Then Christmas break came and if it wasn't coated in chocolate I just didn't want to hear about it.

Add some general wintertime blues, a new medication that general turns the brain on complete autopilot and you have a recipe for procrastination, that apparently serves sixty (days that is). So, now I'm cozy in my new semester, and ready to fall back into the schedule. You know, eventually.

As a result of the above paragraphs, and how my life schedule is panning out, I'm moving the updates to an alternate Monday schedule (I have more time on Mondays) starting this Monday.

In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to write an introduction to the philosophy of artificial intelligence that should last a few posts, to refine some of the theories brought up in other posts and to get into computer vision as I'm doing a project on that this semester. I'm not sure what else is a major project for me right now, so I always take post recommendations from people who comment. My goal right now is to work on the clarity of my writing over my own often whimsical ideas.

Thanks to anyone who's willing to stick with me, and hopefully I'll be less inclined to break my schedule in the coming weeks.

EDIT 14/02/2013:

Lies and damned lies about that Monday thing, apparently. Tonight, though I will write a post come hell or high water.