This seems to be another week where I'm blanking on a blog post topic because I'm in the middle of a few projects right now, and because my brain was pureed on Tuesday by a Calculus Exam which presented little opportunity to prepare something. So, this is going to be something of a throw away week.

I've actually gone back to my PCG storyteller which is a bit unprecedented for me given once I abandon a project for other ideas code I previously worked on gets an ominous file name and tossed in the huge file folder called 'bits'[1].

One of the main things I'm having trouble with is that I want the number of potential stories to explode without losing control of how much sense they make, to that end I'm looking at old, old, old tools like ConceptNet, and newer ones like Freebase in an attempt to give words contexts within the project. This will hopefully strip out some of the chimp at a typewriter problems.

The goal then of my intensity scale combined with context cues given by the above databases is to string together related concepts. Problem is, from this angle, I'm worried it may generic-ify stories if words only tend to associate with particular things. I also really want to improve the sentence structure since right now the beast only seems to speak in simple declarative sentences. I hope to be able to post some code soon, but I'm always self conscious about posting code. I don't want the bigger nerds to judge me, push me over and steal my lunch money.

That's sort of the only update I have, I'm reading a few things that may evolve into posts[2], and I half finished a code version of the Monty Hall problem that I had hoped to finish before today but didn't because Calculus. I hope to have that up by the end of the weekend though since it's pretty trivial, and may help illustrate the previous post.

  1. And let's be clear, when I say bits I do mean megabits... ↩︎

  2. Such as Biopunk by Marcus Wohlsen ↩︎